With Spring soon on the horizon, now is the time to start planning the garden for an exciting and beautiful summer.

As winter can be both long and dark, we often find that our gardens get overlooked during the colder periods, which means things can get a little messy.

With that in mind, however, at Total Sheds, we provide the perfect products to help keep your garden in tip-top shape.

Let’s take a look through some of the ways in which your average garden shed can help fix up your garden during the winter months.

Sheds can provide the perfect storage solution for garden furniture

Let’s face it, the majority of us keep all our outdoor belongings in our sheds, which means that they must be not only versatile, but also of the highest quality.

Here at Total Sheds, we provide sheds that are designed to be the perfect storage solutions for your garden furniture and tools.

Including our Apex and Pent sheds, take a look through our great variety of practical sheds to help keep your garden furniture at bay during the colder winter months.

Sheds can keep children’s toys out of sight

All children love playing in the garden and are often seen with many outdoor toys, including paddling pools, ride-on cars, and ball games.

As much fun as they are (for both children and adults), the only issue is that garden toys can make a garden look untidy when they are not being played with.

At Total Sheds, however, we provide a beautiful range of single-story and two-storey playhouses, which are perfect for storing toys when not in use.

What’s more, playhouses also offer a portion of the garden solely for children, which helps keep their belongings and playtime to a specific area.

This means that other areas of the garden can be left for adults, where they can enjoy planting flowers or developing a vegetable patch without fear of them being ruined by stray footballs.

Sheds can help keep your work tools out of site

If you work with your hands or have a hobby that involves a lot of machinery or requires a lot of room, the chances are that some of it will spill out into the garden.

At Total Sheds, however, we offer robust and secure workshops for people that need that extra bit of room for their profession or hobbies.

Whether you merely need a small outdoor room to store some of your larger tools, or you require an entire working area, we have everything you need to keep you going without infringing on the communal areas of your garden.

If you’re thinking about keeping your tools in your shed, or developing your own workshop, check out this nifty guide for creating a secure and safe place for your tools and equipment.

If you have any questions about any of our sheds, check out our contact page, or call us on 01902 636 529.