Do you want a Standard or Loglap Summer Shed?

Now that we’re finally in summer, the chances are that most people’s minds are either focussed on their holidays or their gardens, which means that in the latter case, there’s no better time to buy a summer shed.

At Total Sheds, we offer two different types of shed for the garden; the standard summer shed and the loglap summer shed.

What is a loglap summer shed?

Although most people might never have heard of a loglap summer shed, the chances are that they will have seen one in the gardens of their friends and family.

Quite simply, a loglap summer shed is a shed built with heavy duty cladding that offers a superb log cabin style finish. Visually and textually pleasing, we use only the best timber that has been treated for longer-lasting resistance against fungal decay and insect attack.

What about Total Shed’s standard Summer Sheds?

Although you might hear “standard” in the name of our standard summer sheds, there is simply nothing standard or unimpressive about them.

This is because we use high quality shiplap cladding for our standard sheds, which is one of the most traditional and popular cladding profiles seen in British gardens.

Using timber specially chosen by our experts, we provide each of our customers with high quality and hard-wearing summer sheds that are designed to stand the test of time.

Which summer shed will last longer?

Quite simply, both types of shed are built to resist even the most unwelcoming weather conditions.

Having been in the trade since 2007, we know everything there is to know about summer sheds, meaning that every summer shed that we design and build is constructed to the highest possible standards.

Our shiplap summer sheds for example, are designed with smooth planed interlocking tongues to ensure that rainwater is quickly drained and dispelled from the structure.

Can I get a bespoke summer shed?

Yes, whether you choose a standard summer shed or a loglap summer shed, it’s important to remember that every single shed that we build is 100% bespoke to your specifications.

By offering only bespoke summer sheds to our customers, this means that we are able to build the best and highest quality summer sheds to complete your garden.

From the smallest summer shed, right through to the largest, we design and build summer sheds hand crafted to cater to your individual needs and specifications, which is why Total Sheds is the go-to summer shed store in the UK.

Why choose Total Sheds for your summer shed?

Quite simply, Total Sheds is one of the few shed companies in the industry that is able to build high quality bespoke summer sheds for people in the UK.

Whereas other companies source pre-built sheds and other garden structures from manufacturers, we design and build every inch of our summer sheds to your personal specifications.

If you’d like to know what Total Sheds can do for you and your garden, speak to us today by checking out our contact page.